The ONLY Wrestling Scorebook

“In my opinion, this is the ONLY wrestling scorebook your team should ever buy.

The match sheets have been updated to include columns for the new overtime periods, and there are plenty of match sheets and wrestler statistic sheets. And the cover itself makes the book worth the price. The plastic cover is virtually indestructible, and the spiral binding stays in place.

Our school has been using the Predicament Wrestling Scorebooks for years and we wouldn’t use anything else!”

-Jennifer G. Sullivan


Found Yours To Be The BEST!

“Mr. Henning,

I would like to thank you for your very prompt service.

Also, after having used many other scorebooks, I have found yours to be the best!

Yours in Wrestling,”
-Mike M.


Review: “Not only is the ‘Predicament Wrestling Scorebook’ the premier score book in the sport, but the Hennings are among the top individuals involved in the sport as well. I received prompt service as well as receiving special attention to detail with my specific requests. The scorebook itself can withstand much more than I can dish out throughout the season. Every time I see a coach reach in his/her bookbag and pull out a crumpled scorebook I am so grateful for the strength and indestructibility of the ‘Predicament Scorebook’. Without a doubt this is the very best scorebook on the market; second-to-none.”

Hampton Marshall Boggs (Wrestling Coach)